Peace of mind, comfort and autonomy for older people, carers and family members.

The solution that best take care of you.


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    Peace of mind, comfort and autonomy for its users and their families.

    The solution that takes care of you.


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      The innovative solution your loved ones deserve.

      We make available the solution that we would like our older people to have.  OneCare allows:

      • Share location and ask for help in case of a fall or need.
      • Having health regularly monitored at distance.
      • Be cognitively stimulated.
      • Be permanently accompanied, even from a distance.



      Fall detection and request for help

      Automatic fall detection and requests for help. With this system the elderly immediately ask for help through a speaker call to 3 pre-configured numbers, it is also possible to identify the location of the request by GPS.

      Continuous health monitoring and follow-up

      Continuous health monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, glycaemia, oximetry, spirometry, among others. Access to cognitive evaluation tests along with health and well-being evaluation surveys.

      Cognitive stimulation and socialization 

      Cognitive stimulation games on six cognitive areas. Training plan is adapted to each person and updated to their needs, keeping them motivated through rewards and prizes. Socialization through video call and chat messages to communicate with family members, carers or other elderly.

      Intelligent and seamless daily life routines monitoring

      Intelligent monitoring of daily routines and measurement of the person's activity pattern. It allows, for example, to monitor the sleep routine, if the person has eaten, validate the security of the home or assess the level of sedentary lifestyle.


      We created OneCare to better care those who made us who we are today. We allow our older people to live longer with more comfort, autonomy, security and feeling close to whom they love the most.