Privacy Policy


OneCare is a Smart Monitoring – Active, Healthy and Happy Aging brand, a technological company focused on the health and wellness market and, in order to achieve this mission, it has developed a portal that records, stores and provides information about the condition of well-being and safety of its users, hereinafter referred to as the OneCare Portal.

The OneCare Portal is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and, for that purpose, it complies with a Privacy Policy, in order to demonstrate its commitment and respect for the rules of privacy and protection of personal data according to the new General Data Protection Regulation.

The OneCare Portal collects personal information from its users after their prior consent.

The OneCare Portal is bound to comply with Portuguese Law, applied to the collection and storage of personal data, obliging itself to adopt technical mechanisms of encryption and security for databases adapted to the protection of personal and sensitive data.

The personal data collected are processed by computer and in strict compliance with the legislation for the protection of personal data, being stored in specific databases created for this purpose and, under no circumstances, will the data collected be used for any purpose other than that for which consent has been given by the data subject.

Users’ personal data will only be accessed by entities accredited in the strict scope of use of the OneCare Portal and with a view to the purpose for which it is intended: telehealth and teleassistance projects.

The OneCare Portal does not sell, rent, or otherwise make available any personal data registered or provided by its users.

The telehealth and telecare projects imply, within the scope of their purpose, allowing caregivers (Health Services, Telecare Companies, Private Social Solidarity Institutions) access to users’ personal data. When this happens, OneCare certifies the suitability of the entities and takes security measures that guarantee respect for the authenticity, non-violation, and privacy of personal data.

The entities involved in these projects must establish a personal data processing contract with OneCare referring to the scope, type and scope of the data processed. In this way, any entity involved in these projects will be obliged to adopt appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against its accidental or unlawful disclosure, destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized access and against any other form of illicit treatment.

The provision of these services may involve the transfer of data between States of the European Union. In this case, OneCare will observe and respect the data protection law regarding this data transfer, as well as act in compliance with the law in force in the country of destination.

The OneCare Portal will not transfer data to countries that do not offer guarantees of security and protection of personal data.

All data collected and stored will only be used for the purpose for which they are intended. In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, all users of the OneCare Portal may, at any time, exercise the right of rectification, access, cancellation, forgetting and portability of all their information through a written communication to the following address:

Ladeira da Paula, 6
3040 – 574 Antanhol – Coimbra